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2016 saw the deaths of many famous stars : David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Leonard Cohen to name a few. We also lost some stars who spent their lives making a difference in our community. In a previous issue we paid tribute to David Love. We were also greatly saddened by the death of Jim Smith. Jim worked tirelessly for Scottish Independence for many years and could be seen every day manning the Yes Kelty Hub on Main Street during the first Independence Campaign.

Kelty has another star living amongst us - Congratulations to Maciej Wiczynski who, proudly wearing his kilt, picked up the award for Outstanding Young Pole in the United Kingdom 2016 contest. Before we knew of his award, we had already asked Maciej to write a piece for this issue of The Grist so you can read a little bit about how he feels about living and working in Fife.

Our thanks also go to our writers, Carol and Betty, Peter, Maciej and Lillian; Chris Cairns, for the cartoon; to our advertisers; Printing Services (Scotland) and our trusty distributors.

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