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Welcome to Issue 12 of The Grist. As part of demonstrating their commitment to a welcoming environment, Yes Kelty formulated a Code of Conduct. This led to Yes Dunfermline, Yes Kirkintilloch and joining forces with Yes Kelty to create the IndyPledge: a voluntary code to demonstrate that abuse, hate speech and threats have no place in our movement. A positive assertion of the Yes Movement's core values ideals, you can see it here: When we received the Kelty Hearts article, we were flabbergasted to read the terrific initiatives in the club, thank you Anonymous!.

Our thanks also go to our fab contributors, Jeane Freeman (MSP) Lillian, Peter, Claire, Gary, Truly Scottish TV and cartoonist, Chris Cairns, our advertisers and distribution team.

For full details please see their in issue advertisements and their links (where available) above.

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