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Welcome to Issue 11 of The Grist. While sorry that we no longer have Roger Mullin as our MP, it is good to know he will still be doing excellent work and applying his vast experience to the bene t of people in Scotland and further afield. Roger has been appointed as a special envoy by Westminster's All Party Parliamentary Group on explosive threats. In this role, Roger hopes to continue the work he was doing in Iraqi Kurdistan in conjunction with the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, and to contribute to peace building in the Middle East. We wish him every success in his efforts to build bridges.

Speaking of bridges, some of the team had the pleasure of being part of the 50,000 people who walked over the Queensferry Crossing. Fantastic experience and brilliantly organised. Hope you enjoy reading the terrifc Bridges by Lillian King and all the other articles in this issue.

Our thanks go to: Claire, Craig, Gary, Lillian and Peter for their articles and to Chris Cairns for his cartoon; to our advertisers, Printing Services (Scotland) and our trusty distributors for traipsing the streets of Kelty.

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